Saturday, March 8, 2014


My son happened to show me what all access we are giving to the mobile app of Facebook after we install it..out of the many permissions to it which are wrong...there are two permissions which has left me wondering if we are right in allowing Facebook to access our data.....

It can access our call data

It can access our SMS and mms data

Now why the hell should we allow facebook to access that!!!

In a way it has access to ur bank, credit card spends. Ur insurance policy, light bill, telephone bill details thru SMS received ..

Just why exactly does facebook need this data. It might claim that it uses it only to show us advts on our TImeline...but what if it looses control over the data, if it falls in wrong hands?

As if our mobile operators don't have access to our data...why are we allowing a third party access to the same?!?

Being connected is one thing...but at the cost of invading our privacy?!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Death vs Life

How often do we hear... Poor guy suffered a painful death.
How can a person suffer painful death? The pain is felt when person is alive. So should not one say...painful life? Why blame death?
People are always afraid of dying. Infact why should  one be afraid of death...scared of death...has anybody known what is beyond death. Life on other hand can be scary....still we cling on to Life and fear Death.
Is Death really bad...and Life always good?

Friday, October 4, 2013

Candy Crush Life

I find a lot of similarities between the game and life. You are stuck on some level…you try …try …try and go ahead…or you just give it up.

You are on a particular level….and then when you look behind, you see the levels you have completed…and you see ahead … levels in which you dont know what is to come. You see behind and like your own achievements….and then there are some levels which you crossed…which you would not like to remember…and hope you dont get to play again. You just thank your stars that you are over with it.

Some levels you clear on your own…some levels you ask your friends for help.

Some levels you play for weeks together…. trying to end it…frustrated….not able to complete it…and then all of a sudden you have clear it out of the blue and proceed ahead to other levels.

Life is quite similar….just when you think you are down and out…you will realise that you have moved ahead…leaving certain things far behind….achievements…troubles….you know what you have gone thru in the past…you dont know what lies ahead in the future…..

Friday, August 9, 2013

All aboard the Chennai Express

Ok…lets be frank…when the promos released and I saw the heavy south indian accent by Deepika Padukone…I said to myself this is one movie I am not going to see.

But my daughter is a huge fan of both Deepika and SRK ever since Om Shanti Om, my wifey is a fan of SRK…and I knew I will have to see the movie. Then came the songs One two three four…and Titli…did not like the first…found the second so so….again made me not want to see the movie.

Then came Lungi Dance….now this was something I enjoyed….yes I did!! At last found something … a reason to see the movie…to get a chance to see Lungi Dance on the big screen.

So with not much expectations entered the theatre on the first day of the movie…and thus started a train ride which made me laugh and smile throughout. Deepika’s heavy south indian accent suddenly was the high point of the movie….and SRK…he was all of a sudden acting…and not hamming in the movie… kudos to the Rohit Shetty….because here was a brilliant performance by SRK …without his usual persona or ticks….SRK’s comic timing was brilliant in the first half and even though you could predict most of the picture, you still laughed at all the jokes.

Second half is something I believe where the director gave in to the Super Star called SRK….SRK with his mannerisms…his dialogue delivery….his ticks…was back…but….no complaints….

Overall enjoyed the movie…and frankly isnt that why you go to movies…to enjoy those two to three hours…all in all …I am glad I boarded the Chennai Express….

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The RTI (Mis)Use….

Right to Information is one of the most powerful tool for Indians today. It has in its own way created a bit of fear in many departments.

But everything good thing has a bad side too. Wont go into generalising it. Will give an example I am facing in one of my Govt tenders. A tenderer whose tender was rejected because he was not eligible in certain technical criteria, first requested the department thru his political “sources” to allow his case. When it was refused he started using the RTI to delay the tender process, and in the meanwhile approaching the higher authorities to have the tender recalled.

Though the tender has not been recalled, the RTI has managed to delay the process of the tender by two months now.

In the meanwhile this gentleman has also filed RTI in various other Licensing Departments, asking to confirm if the licences of other parties are valid, thereby creating a waste of time for parties like us, who are facing various enquiries from various departments. Having running the Industry since so many years, we know our documents are in place. But its the waste of time during such enquiries which is frustrating. The Department people also rue the fact regarding such RTI’s which are being filed only for personal gain.

Some officers say, most RTI’s are also filed with the intention of blackmailing or troubling.

I am not saying RTI is bad, but there should be some action against wasteful RTI filers too. Like in courts, a court fee is fixed, here too there should be some deposit/fee, which should be confiscated if there are malicious intentions of filing the RTI