Thursday, September 11, 2014

Guns and Roses

Daily reading in the news, on facebook, on whatsapp, on twitter, praises being heaped on our Army men for their great efforts in rescuing people stuck in Jammu Kashmir floods.

Our army men have been relentlessly working hard be it on the border or in Uttarakhand or Maoist areas.

But what bothers me is when they are accused of using harsh force while trying to control riots. Certain “intelligentsia” which is surprising quite in praising their efforts in the Jammu and Kashmir floods, go all out in blaming our brave army when they try to control riots. Those who have commented have smartly put their efforts across as “Duty”. Even during riots they are doing their duty of protecting the lives and properties of innocents who are being troubled because of stupid rioters. There they have to use their guns… and face brickbats instead of bouquets.

Never understood this double standard of our so called human rights activists.

Whatever the case, would like this opportunity to salute our brave hearts. They really deserve this .. and a lot more .. in terms of salaries, accommodations, retirement benefits… but they are not sitting in the parliament to have a “right” to huge packets… they are not sitting in the Air-conditioned cars and halls of power… but they are the first people to come forward and work hard for our country……

Monday, August 11, 2014

FB Photos

Yesterday as I prepared myself to click the Rakshabandhan photos of my 9 year old daughter tying Rakhi to her brothers, she warned me against posting them on FB !! “Click the photos if you want, but don’t post them on facebook” is what she said. My teenage son also supported her in the same.

Been thinking about it… the way we (I mean our generation) and our seniors are active on facebook, our kids are not very keen about it.

I get such warnings of not posting their snaps on facebook during every birthday party, outing, vacation.

Are they growing up to be unsocial? Nopes I don’t think so.

It is the ease of communication to the current generation which was not present during our time, which has made us so addicted to facebook.

For me the best part of facebook is getting an “Add friend” request from a long out- of-touch friend or relative. For me I get excited when out of the blue, thru one facebook friend I get in touch with another. When we were small, we did not have access to mobiles, whatsapp and other messengers, like todays kids. Most of us depended on keeping in touch with each other over phone calls, emails(at a later stage). Our elders were in touch with each other by writing letters… an art which I believe is missing in our generation.. let alone be present in our kids.

Communication and keeping in touch is far easier for the todays kids, then what we and our elders had.

Our kids will never know the fun of giving blank/crank calls thru landline numbers which were in our time very difficult to trace. Modern day  lovers, have direct access to each others mobile numbers.. they will never know the fun/excitement/fear of calling on the landline number, hoping that it wont be picked up by any other family member. Now they can directly call each other, message each other.

Just a few thoughts when I started thinking, am I overdoing it by posting snaps on facebook… but then I think our life was far far better…..

Friday, June 27, 2014

FAX it…

My office all in one printer conked off. So started researching around for which is good model currently. What struck me is the price difference of models with fax and without fax.

This started a thought many faxes do we receive or send nowadays. I believe I get on an average 2-3 faxes per month and send hardly 2-3 in 4 months.

Scanned images in email have replaced faxes, which at one point of time were so important.

So it seems technology is slowing killing away one more technology which was a boon till a few years back.. FAX. Like typewriters in offices, guess its time to bid adieu to Fax machines too. No more saying FAX it … anymore…

P.S : I finally settled for an All in one without fax. Will handle the incomings by asking to email the docs ….

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Disconnect to Connect

Am a self confessed Facebook, twitter, whatsapp addict. Have in the past many a times taken a break from Fb for a week or month…but have always come back.

Whatsapp is one addiction which was very easy to deaddict myself from. Whatsapp works on a the basic rule…you send one ..u receive many. So if you stop sending those jokes around… people will also stop sending the same to you.

So what remains was Facebook and twitter. Last week I had to move out at 1 pm from my office for some urgent work. In my rush, I forgot my mobile at the office. The ghost rings in my ear, the ghost vibrations in my pocket were so disturbing. Every now and then, I would put my hand in my pocket to remove my non existent mobile phone.

By evening however, I was beginning to enjoy my “disconnected” world. Spent some good time with the kids without the phone ringing or pinging out a notification, watched a movie without having to talk on the phone in between. Loved the evening. It was like those times when mobiles did not exist in the world.

Next day morning however was a shock. When I came back to the office, had 124 missed calls. Though a few were repeat calls from many… but still was shocked to realise how much time we spend in staying connected.

I made a decision then that I would disconnect my self to connect to the real world. Now daily my phone goes in Quite mode from 6 pm to morning 7 am. No phones calls, no social notifications, no emails. I do cheat on the social media part by going online, but a few of my friends keep reminding me of my decision… and trust me it actually helps me off it.

Now I am disconnected from virtual world…but connected to real world. I like it that way. Hope to keep it that way.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ab ki baar ……

Exciting Day...had expected a victory for Modi...but this one surpasses all expectations!!!

Congress....Mayawati...Farooque Abdulla...Kapil Sibal....all shown their rightful value by WE THE PEOPLE.

They all had forgotten that we have elected them as our representatives to run the country. But the 'elected party' became 'ruling party'.

In which other country can u witness a bloodless overthrowing of a 'ruling party' by more than 50 crore voters.

This is the Power of the Largest Democracy!!

Salaam India.